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Presentation #1

The AidooAid® website and its contents are provided to educate the general public, wellness professionals/providers and doctors on Dr. Aidoo’s findings on Alopecia: It is presented as a support vehicle to his breakthroughs on Alopecia; and as such may not be used for the purpose of medical diagnosis or treatment. AidooAid, as a topical does not GROW hair but has the ability to neutralize the cause of hair loss known as gHanaphe-bio, while allowing the "dormant hair follicles" to grow back naturally: Since Dr. Aidoo is the pioneer in this field—and his work is that which led to this breakthrough(s), he has, as the premier-authority on Alopecia/Baldness provided scientific points of intersections which progressively defines each and every strand and composition within the “maze” of this former “idiopathy.” Where any of Dr. Aidoo’s terminology, descriptive assay of method or style—pioneering expression and provision is/are used, it’s expected that reference to that effect WOULD be made to his credit.

Presentation #2

The website of AidooAid® and its contents are designed for the practicality of results as posted on users: The data presented represents the achievement(s)—THE BEST AND EFFICACIOUS PRODUCT IN THE ARSENAL OF MAN—AS IT RELATES TO Alopecia (Baldness and Hair Loss). It speaks of how far we have come in addressing this idiopathy which affects over 80 Million Americans; and over a Billion people worldwide. A non-drug topical, it’s the best that has been achieved in this arena: For the first time in human history, A GENUINE-INTERVENTIONAL TOOL IN THE FORM OF A "NON-DRUG" TOPICAL IS AVAILABLE TO 1. STOP HAIR LOSS. 2. RE-ACTIVATE THE "DORMANT" HAIR FOLLILCE TO BECOME PRODUCTIVE AGAIN! 3. RE-ACTIVATE THE DORMANT HAIR FOLLICLES OF COMPLETELY "BALD" ALOPECIA TOTALIS AND UNIVERSALIS SUFFERERS—and those with Arieta (One bald for over 60 years; and others over 10 years without hairincluding children diagnosed as having Alopecia Universalis and Totalis) TO BECOME PRODUCTIVE AND GROW HAIR AGAIN! …It’s also the only product to intervene while deferring, indefinitely, what is commonly referred to as "HEREDITARY BALDNESS." AidooAid ADDRESSES ALL CAUSES AND ETIOLOGY ON HAIR LOSS/ALOPECIA AND ANSWERS ALL THE QUESTIONS UNDER THE TOPIC, while presenting a scientifically-merited data of efficacy...over 500 pictorial on users to substantiate its ability. *Neither Rogaine/Minoxidil, nor Propecia/Finasteride, have provided efficacy data on merit comparable to AidooAid®: UNITED STATES FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) is aware of the above data and information; including AidooAid empirical assessment of superiority over Rogaine and Propecia, the TWO DRUGS on the market they back!

To read more about it access:

Presentation #3

The use of any of the AidooAid® program/protocol suggests, by logical-transparency inferred through evidence, a step higher than the ordinary by the user—an ultimate answer to Alopecia, Hair Loss and Baldness: It’s also worth noting thought, that, the presentation on our website unequivocally shows its superior to the 2 Drugs "Rogaine (Minoxidil) and Propecia (Finasteride)" backed by United States Food and Drug Administration. And the FDA is aware of AidooAid unique ability and efficacy. It's affirmably true—by preponderance of scientific presentation to state also that, there is no product on the market—being drug or otherwise that has the ability in the realm of efficacy like AidooAid; and that it is superior to all the products known to man in the field of alopecia and hair loss.

Dr. Aidoo's work is known to the Food and Drug Administration of United States of America (FDA), American Medical Association; the United States Senate Sub-Committee on Science; and the Scientific Community, including the Medical Institutions and Community: As an important breakthrough for all mankind, it's also known to the major news mediabeing CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS. And they have known about it for over 20 years!

Necessitation: Theme of Disclaim

Since the use and application of AidooAid® Protocol of Topical(s) is applied and used in one’s privacy, and that it’s use might not have been adhered to as indicated in the Manual: In no way shape or form—in an event where the individual's expectations as it relates to outcome or results not met, be levied on the products—not by any contention or reason; since all individuals and users have different concordance and chemistry. Such being the case, AidooAid® and its manufacturers and associates or affiliates and parties—including authorized Doctors and Wellness Providers—in addition to owners and distributors shall not be held liable for any and overall outcome of use.


By visiting and using the resources of AidooAid® website, you agree to the foregoing terms and conditions, which may be updated from time to time—or may be changed to reflect on our BREAKTHROUGHS in the fields of Alopecia, Hair Loss and Baldness; including Hereditary Baldness. If you do not agree to the foregoing terms and conditions you should not proceed or enter this web site.



Adjunct-ia/Vertex Format & Citation

(gEnecidal-lasidex Syndrome): localized gHanaphe-bio dictation

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Interventional/Treatment Protocol used AidooAid® Hair Follicle Re-Activation System (HFRS)™

Before Using AidooAid®
After 6 Weeks Use
After 4 Months Use Of AidooAid®

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Below: "Former" Alopecia Universalis Sufferer: Completely Bald for over a decade before using AidooAid®

He went bald at the age of 2, and doctors whose care he was under for over three years could not help him "grow" a single hair: without any hope, they referred his parents to AidooAid® ...and as the data below attests, his condition known as ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS—where sufferers loose all their head and body hair has been corrected! And, at 15 years of age—being bald for over twelve years, he is "growing" his hair back!

* Unlike the two drugs "approved" and backed by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which are stimulants and incapable/CANNOT GROW HAIR ON ANY OF THE ALOPECIAL FORMATS, AidooAid® neutralizes the cause of hair loss, baldness and Alopecia known as gHanaphe-bio; and, as it can been seen—re-activates/grow the “dormant” hair follicles back without any drug or side effects! And the United States (FDA) has been aware of AidooAid® for over 20 years and, with such knowledge, has chosen not to tell/announce to the world about Dr/Professor Aidoo's work, which is good for all mankind—irrespective of one's ancestry, race or ethnicity: black, white, brown, yellow—or for that matter any color within the human race: AidooAid® is for the good of all human beings; and as such does not discriminate based on color! The silence by United States FDA has kept millions of people in the dark; and as such: those who should not have been bald have gone bald—by not affording the world with the truth! To learn more, access

Interventional/Treatment Protocol used AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM/CS™

User was Treated for Free Under AidooAid® Free Treatment for Children with Alopecia

COMPLETELY BALD Before Using AidooAid®
After 20 Months Use Of AidooAid®

AidooAid® is superior to all the "Drugs" for hair loss "approved" by United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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The above user had been bald for over 35 years before "Re-Activating/Growing" his hair back using AidooAid®: AidooAid® Protocol Used was *Hair Follicle Re-Activation System™ (HFRS)

Access Dr/Professor Aidoo's commissioned-terminologies and ranking for Alopecia, Hair Loss and Baldness used in identifying the different forms of Alopecia imposition discovered by his researchleading, therefore, to his interventional protocols: As the Foremost Authority and Pioneer in the world, his work is being used by researchers, doctors and scientists in the field; including wellness providers. And it's a breakthrough for all mankindirrespective of race, ethnicity or gender: black, white, brown or yellowall members of the human race...and it's without discrimination.

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