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The MARK OF RESILIENCE—bio-emphatically evident within the Hair-Follicular-Trait of the
“Sub-Saharan-African" Hair and its density—as expressed within gEnexidal appraise and context of the resulting fiber—far exceeds the mono-converse of all other “human” hair…

The mark of resilience evident in the follicular-trait of the “Sub-Saharan” African hair density, and its flexibility to withstand destructive emits that would annihilate and rapture the shaft narrative of other human-hair clarity and vibrancy, is depicted in the pictorial below: A typical outlay of what is universally known as “dreadlocks’.” …This supports and narrates the uniqueness of this hair type: The pictorial represents a data on a male subject within the race; and—it took seven years to achieve this growth beginning from a hair-less define. Male or female, the agility and vibrancy of this type of hair is demonstratively-commendable—in that, it uses lesser amount of compositional yield expressed in an average/standard sebumatic-entwine; yet, the keratinic weight of density mount in yield of anagenic expression, by order of natural-elective growth is much higher than all other hair types: The yield, by modulation, defies much higher chemical-rupturing which is evident in all hair compounding: A compounding yield of + or minus 145 density mount, is much higher by equation and functioning-variable, yet, its defensive mechanism to sustain the modulating duplexes in the mantle and medulla remains stable, where other hair types would succumbby progressive-atrophical-irregularity from the rootthe fusional-local bordering the endogenic phase of the follicular mount; as retardation sets in to yield to the gHanaphe-bio's encroachment.

"Dreadlocks" of a Sub-Saharan African Male

The above hair style known as DREADLOCKS is forwarded and depicts an African warrior as to who he is within the mastery and society of man. It’s a reminder to him not to submit; nor relegate his status out of self-preservation to anything or anyone who is dignified in the flesh. Symbolically, its wearer presents a "dreaded" presence to all who comes into contact with him; a sacred interlude of sort, it presents his wellbeing as fearless. Rastafarian dreadlocks is "hailed" to narrate the spirituality of a people; it’s a spinoffa call to the mastery and prowess of the African. Also, it creates an affinity with the creator of the universeGod; and it builds a permanent awareness espoused in the "fear of His Omnipotence.” It also expresses a conjunctionwhile demonstrating a willed alienation from contemporary society: In West Africa, in the Ashanti/Akan tribe, it’s worn by children looked upon as seers with strong-magical powers; and their hair is never trimmed nor "cut" with any foreign object...neither are they shaven throughout their lives… The Masai Warrior of East Africa’s hair style also conveys the richness of the Sub-Saharan African hair to demonstrate their awareness of self; and such points to the heritage of the Egyptian of old.

The Sub-Saharan African hair also requires a lesser amount of the fortified/chemical comp., as it relates to defining all requisite expressed in steady-growth within the hair cycle of conjunction: (Anagen, Catagen and Telogen). This is also evident in darker hair compared to the lighter definition. As the epidermal-pigmentation/shade of the skin naturally typifies and sets the chemical stance of the human skin and its tolerance, the same is amalgamated to replicate in both the endos and exos advances in all the different hairs of human. The positive nature of melanocyte cells; a melaninc bulk (main inciter in pigmentation evident in hair, skin and eye), respond in kind to all assays of chemical compounding, i.e.: intolerance in all environmental-elements, which are always pronounced in the general-compound of nature. In the Sub-Saharan African hair chemical norm and emphasis, it does not deduce its characteristic; it remains defiant under such constraints.

The format interpreted within the keratinized protein—the cortex, by natural arrangement as exhibited within the African hair takes a different bonding interplay in the construction of the polypeptide chains; and it translates into results webbed with defensive mechanism against direct or indirect chemical compounding; i.e.; sun or other external damaging intro: acts such as those always destroy the integrity of the ph (the potential hydrogen and its factor); and it always, negatively, mar the virginity of the hair structure.

*Sub-Saharan-African hair/Black hair, brunette and darker hairthey all have more melanin than their blond counterpart; and white hair evokes no melanin at any count.

* The use of any AidooAid® material by an institution of higher education/learning i.e., colleges, universities or both; including associations for the furtherance of scholastic embrace and achievements in the field of Alopecia, Hair Loss and Baldness—including Hereditary Baldness in the training of Physicians and Doctors in the field of Dermatology—plus Wellness professionals, must be credited to Dr/Professor Frank Aidoo, the Author and Discoverer of BnM/C2 Base—Blue Print for the “re-activation” of Human-Dormant Hair Follicles to resurge into Anagen-ic emphasis:

...There are no principled and authoritative textbooks of merit on the subject of Alopecia for the training of Doctors/Physicians or Wellness Providers on Alopecia, Hair Loss or Baldness. Dr/Professor Aidoo, as the discoverer of the cause and etiology on alopecia, has also provided all pertinent and requisite information for its treatment; and has provided terminology and descriptive assays for the identification of its different forms: This manifest is the first complete document in the field of alopecia; and, it’s currently used by doctors and wellness providers in the field. It provides all the interventional protocols needed to neutralize and promote “re-activate/grow” new hair post—the eradication of the cause, which he has named gHanaphe-bio.

* All references and use of any of his original and coined terminology, descriptive-warrants, authorial points and inferences; including “teaching and training” support vehicles as taught, explained and provided on AidooAid® website, must be credited to the Professor.

Words of Wisdom

Political prescription(s)—always evident in all societies, oftentimes, relegate the truth from surfacing where all eyes of “human” can evaluate and validate with promise: The truth has the tendency to be abhorred by influences which are detrimental to progress and honesty. But, at the end of a faithful day, the urge to make a positive difference always overshadows political meandering laced in non-factual incitation. And politics has never dwelt in the harmony of progressive-societal requisite of want: for, it’s only a preambletilting between our indulgences to accept the challenges which can never recover itself from its self-serving interpretations. The truth is, no one invents anything only for his or her comfortable indulgence...breakthroughs are for all humans to enjoy: it’s the contribution made so the world can declare progress within the varieties of discomforts; and discomforts are like plagues if not treated; and it takes a human being to think well of humansfor the fate of creation dictates so... it’s a remarkable inheritance from the creator. *From Dr. Aidoo's Certified Page of Knowledge.

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