The Breakthrough Hair Follicle Re-Activation Program™



The newly-discovered formulations of AidooAid (The Alopecia/Hair Loss and Baldness Programs) are such that, the “Follicle Re-Activator” maintains shelf life for an indefinite period of time; like “wine,” its integrity for longevity is a breakthrough which allows the molecules prevalent in its catalyzing principles to be suspended in an order of practicality to neutralize the gHanaphe-bio. Professor Aidoo, unlike the conventional adaptation evident in the preparation of drugs by the pharmaceutical entities, has established a standard so as to keep the enzymes intact; it’s a technology which the Professor was willing to offer to Pfizer in his first correspondence in March 2001—the same offer was made to Merck pharmaceutical in June the same year. These two companies are among the 10 largest Pharmaceutical Companies in the world!

This new discovery—A PIONEERING ACHIEVEMENT, brings a new approach to medicinal development and research. And as a pioneer whose work has unraveled some of the world’s idiopathic diseases, they, unlike conventional “drugs” are designed to restrict any imposition marked in side effects… Side effects associated with medicine/drug suggests an alliance formed by the “negative” integrity of the particular drug or medicine—aspiring it’s composition when marked to assess positive and negative offers in the use of that particular drug/medicine: the ability to eradicate side effects in medicines would assure an integrity that stops short variables within a particular drug/medicine—invariably and inadvertentlyfrom making way for the development of an “associated” disease. There is always a propensity within medicinal provisioninertly when indisposed, which emerges to become an integrated-conjunction to create an “offshoot” to other platforms of new diseases…they are conformed by positive free radicals which are always evident in all biology.

…Using this discovery, all of Professor Aidoo’s work—being for the re-activation of the dormant hair follicles to resurge into viable-anagenic state, is also the elective-fundamental core of “correction” used in all of his other breakthroughs—being in the field of cancer, diabetes, sickle cell irregularity and other idiopathic diseases: “Nature never fight against itself for healing…” it’s a consensus sided by all the body’s makeup; and as such, there is always a “root cause” to a disease that when neutralized, brings about a sustained and sustainable healthy composure to the body. And, therefore, there must never be a compromise where a narrative drug leaves remnants of it toxins behind to initiate another disease—a “legacy” that always precipitates another dysfunction… HE BELIEVES THAT, THIS NEW APPROACH WILL MAKE MOST “DRUGS” OBSOLETE… AND TRULY SO, WHEN ONE COMPARES THESE TWO DRUGS (ROGAINE/Minoxidil; AND PROPECIA/Finasteride) TO AidooAid.

* Products within the Alopecia/Hair Loss and Baldness Program bearing this "Breakthrough" markings are:

For the "Treatment" of Male and Female Pattern Baldness/Hair Loss

1. Treatment Protocol for Fundamental Hair Loss:AidooAid® PreFix-zadol™
2. Treatment Protocol for Excessive Hair Loss:AidooAid® Hair Loss COMBATOR
3. Treatment Protocol for Male Vertex Bald Spot AidooAid® CrownPoint Re-Activation System
4. Treatment Protocol for Male & Female Pattern Baldness:AidooAid® Hair Follicle Re-Activation System
5. Final Phase--AFTER HAIR HAS GROWN BACK! AidooAid® MaintyDex  System

For the "Treatment" of Alopecia Arieta, Totalis and Universalis

6. Treatment Protocol for Arieta: AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM™
7. Treatment Protocol for Totalis: AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM2™
8. Treatment Protocol for Universalis: AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QMC™
9. Treatment Protocol for Eye Brow Alopecia: AidooAid® IntraVentum™

For the "Treatment" of Alopecia Arieta, Totalis and Universalis in Children

10. AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM/CS Series Topical(s) *Childrens Version

A"Breakthrough" interventional topical to eradicate what is commonly known as


11. AidooAid® gEneridom-QM Topical(s) Designed to eradicate Baldness! It defers "so-called" HEREDITARY BALDNESS indefinitely.



12. AidooAid® The OncoDem-QM Topical(s) Designed and formulated to be used by cancer patient(s) before chemotherapy and radiation sessions: It helps restrict with imposition, the elemental-destructive offshoots— "emits" bearing parasitical vestiges associated with the combating electives; and fortifies the hair follicles' mastery from succumbing to its dictation.

AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM/CS Series Topical(s)

For 1. Alopecia Arieta in children
2. Alopecia Totalis in children
3. Alopecia Universalis in children
4. “Hair Loss” in Children as a result of chemotherapy
5. “Hair Loss” in Children as a result of “Cancer” treatment.

AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM/CS corrects the cause of “hair loss” known as gHanaphe-bio; and as a topical—it does not GROW hair but allows the natural chemistry of the individual to elicit hair “growth,” naturally: where the follicles have been damaged, destroyed or negatively altered by systemic-externally-injected or ingested interventional tool—follicle(s) positive re-activity may not result! …Normal functioning of sequential/progressive marking (phases) of Anagen, Catagen and Telogen will amiss.

Aborted consequence: Implies “negative” effect on hair follicle (Chemotherapy and Radiation; plus any ingested or injected interventional treatments)

Un-aborted consequence: Implies "non-distorted" effect on hair follicle (Chemotherapy and Radiation; plus any ingested or injected interventional treatments) * From Dr. Aidoo’s Certified Page of Knowledge.

*User must re-grow His or Her hair back before using the AidooAid® MaintyDex  System

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