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Establishing Corrective Point in "miniaturized" Hair-Bulb Re-Activation:

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...Establishing a Corrective Point in “miniaturized” Hair-Bulb Re-Activation: Scientific and Clinical inadvertence—the destructive use of LASER TOOL to circumvent anomalies and causative of hair loss: An exhaustive paradox; since LASER tool/instrument is used to “destroy” the hair folliclesof "unwanted hair!"

*Cordoned Alopecia brought on with the use of Laser Tool: Correct-Interventional Protocol *AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM™ The use of Laser is always cumulative; and as such, potentiallya destructive element to both the functioning and dormant "Hair Follicles."

The above is a dictation of Cordoned Alopecia brought on with the use of a Laser Tool; an intervention which led to a pronounced and deformed region on the head of a "former" Alopecia Totalis Sufferer. As it can be seen, the entire region of the head responded to the AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM2 Program; neutralizing the gHanaphe-bio: The damage in the use of Laser Hair Growth Therapy, negativelyre-arranged the LIVING-DORMANT HAIR FOLLICLES which would have responded to create a complete and total annihilation of the *gHanaphe-bio’s leverage.

*Cordoned Alopecia: Correct-Interventional Protocol *AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM™

…The question then is: How does a tool/instrument used in an interventional premise to halt, permanently—the natural growth of hair be employed as a cajoling/stimulating advocate to grow or solicit hair growth?

Correcting miniaturized hair bulb—where the hair follicle has been debased, artificially, with the use of a super-imposer; such as chemicals and conducting appealers as LASER INSTRUMENT and its variables…

*Tematitis D (Female Sufferer) Correct-Interventional Protocol *AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM2™

The above data represents a "Tematitis D" sufferer whose condition has not been contravened with Laser: Though, the hair follicles are dormant, the propensity of "re-activation" with AidooAid is assured. The protocol for her condition would be AloPlexidex-QM2. Her condition was precipitated with the use of Sodium Hydroxide "Relaxer" over a long period of time. (Sodium Hydroxide Relaxer is used by females of African Ancestry; and its used as a texturizer to change the composition of the hair fiber—pliable to reduce the cuticle bonding): *A chemical fusion/negatively attuned would ensue when charged with other acidic ally-composed base such as Ammonium Thioglycolate.

Directly Above..........Pictures to the Right

Directly above, is a pictorial data of a "Tematitis D" sufferer whose condition was attended to with the use of Laser; since laser emits are cumulative, the active-yet dormant hair follicles were destroyed. (She was treated with Laser for a year and two weeks intervals) The pictures to the right shows the endemic destruction to the epidermal/dermal ranks of the head. Regional deformities are also pronounced on other parts of the head.

Hair Follicles that have been imposed/destroyed or modified due to the use of any of the tools enumerated below have to be “resuscitated/engaged” with reverse conduction of appealers: They are to be neutralized unconditionally with AloPlexidex-QM™ protocol; and must be under a steady-string of converters…duplexes of higher catalyzing efforts are to be engaged for 3 weeks before utilizing the protocol designed for the “re-activation” of the dormant hair follicles.

Alopecia Arieta Extention: Correct-Interventional Protocol *AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM2™

The appeal here will not only conduct a “total” redressing of the *gHanaphe-bio’s leverage; but, rather—assure an overall neutralization of all damaging composites and p-radicals—causative of the destructive elements…

Alopecia Universalis: Correct-Interventional Protocol *AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QMC™

Above Alopecia Arieta: Correct-Interventional Protocol *AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM™

Above Alopecia Arieta: Correct-Interventional Protocol *AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM™


1. The use of Low or High level LASER TOOL or DEVICE (Any contravention to necessitate “temporal” stimulation of hair growth)

2. Sodium Hydroxide bearing formularies—as cuticle bond converter, reducer, or expander; those principled in the reduction of ph narrative of the hair follicle.

3. The use of Ammonium Hydroxide as caustic-dictator in hair follicle modulation.

4. The use of Guanidine Carbonate or Ammonium Thioglycolate as soliciting agents to mark an acidic rupturing…to arrange the hair’s cuticle-bond and appendix.

5. The application of Calcium Hydroxide and its edifice—to balance and support either an acidic term or oppose, so as to achieve a change of the hair structure—temporal; or as a support candidate on the overall appeal, look and facto of the hair fiber: Any change to the detriment of virginity relevant to the hair structure.


Laser use to circumvent hair growth is a misnomer—it’s an act of inadvertence on the part of the Wellness Provider. And since laser use is always cumulative in its causative and endeavor, promotes outcomes which are predictably negative: It exacerbates the destruction of the HAIR FOLLICLE and its mastery; and—monumentally, encourages the gHanaphe-bio’s destructive elements:

Hair Follicles are avid converters in the assays of multiplicity. And, therefore, "laser" use in such order leads to the annihilation of both local and regional “healthy and ‘dormant’” hair follicles within a sphere.... *One of Dr/Professor Aidoo's findings/discoveries. Access our "Research and Product" page at:

--The “pledge” and use of laser in such order—high or low level in "chemical" variance, always produces “unfavorable” radicals fixated as a trait—a precursory marker within bio-logical-cauterization; a mantle to destruction ensues… *negative interplay by aversionan inextricable exertion of free radicals is always the mainstay:

*Dr. Aidoo’s dictation in research has proven that, such use in a biological assay and stance is always gEnecidal to the sufficiency of its own mantle and edifice: Avenging of gHanaphe-bio, therefore, cannot/and must not be pledged with emits that result from laser use.


Alopecia Totalis Sufferer whose hair GREW for the first time with the use of AidooAid®—epidermal/surface of the head was without any appeal or vestiges of any hair stump; nor did it have any “residue” of past-surface-shaft-tal presence of hair: The use of Low-Level-Laser, rather inadvertently, unintentionally—an act of scientific afterthought, miniaturized the HAIR FOLLICLES at the bulb(ing) aspirant: The hair that had grown fell out/compromised, as the “shrinking” of the hair follicle was once again brought into the dominance and subservience of the gHanaphe-bio: Radicals in the flow of the Laser charge, conversely, artificially—modified, rather negatively the assurance and positive efforts brought on by the use of the AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM™ principle…the neutralization of the gHanaphe-bio’s mantle.

To “re-establish” an accord—a biological arranging of subcutaneous effort had to be employed: *gEnecidal code being: ats=Alopecia Totalis State/Syndrome; and g=gHanaphe-bio structure: The debased follicles were unconditionally charged below an Alopecia emphasis…it could be recorded as “destroyed” follicles. A new protocol specifically designed as an intervention had to be employed.

Again, the Follicles had to be “rescued” back into the state of Alopecia Totalis note. A balancing act, charged with correcting the ineptitude brought on by the radicals emitted by the LASER had to be arrested.


All Alopecia, Hair Loss and Baldness are caused by the exertion of the gHanaphe-bio’s dictation. Visit: *Terminology entered by Frank Aidoo, PhD., Enzyme and Alkaloid Research Scientist; discoverer of BnM/C2 Base for the “re-activation” of Human-Dormant Hair Follicles to resurge into Anagenic emphasis.


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