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“Tematitis D” exacerbated in concomitant with the use of LASER EMIT/ENERGY

Laser emit/emission as a “chemical,” and as interventional vehicle to “halt” hair loss, is parasitically redundant; and it’s a scientific lack; and truly—a juxtaposing alternative that exacerbate with candor, to the advantage of the gHanaphe-bio: It’s also a precipitator—a negative preamble to radicalize hair follicles substance and health: It destroys the hair follicles: It’s an intervention which, invariably, unseat the variables—not only of the hair fiber but also the duplexes and mantle—the bonding interplay of the cuticles—the basic character and mode, thereof, of the hair: The use of “laser” imposition and emit to circumvent growth by cajoling the hair follicles could not only be intoned, therefore, as a scientific paradox: it necessitate and subscribes to anecdotal premise.

Below is a pictorial data of a Tematitis “D” Sufferer; the use of laser, conversely, to “promote” hair growth—as a beneficial? medium and protocol by her “doctor” made her condition insistantly? worse, than better: The conduction of the laser emits—however basic or low, is always destructive since the emits are always cumulative: for, it creates an outlay principled on its emission as it radicalize the follicle’s mastery; thereby, damaging the region of the scalp—permeating into the dermis and the subcutaneous region…hair follicle damage becomes apparent!

*Both Tematitis A and D, as a syndrome, seldom achieve territorial destruction of the hair to mimic Oxtiditronomidex format. The use of laser always supports—rather negatively, the excesses of the gHanaphe-bio and its traits.

A Female Tematitis "D" Sufferer; an extensive destruction to the HAIR FOLLICLES caused by the use of "Laser" as an interventional protocol: it creates an outlay principled on its chemistry as it radicalize the follicle’s mastery; thereby, damaging the region of the scalp—permeating into the dermis and the subcutaneous regions…hair follicle damage becomes apparent! *Laser pronouncment is cumulative...low frequency or high.

Laser, as an interventional protocol, must, therefore, not be used in any way or shape to advent or "help" promote hair growth—it’s a scientific abridge; since its compositional and edificial intervention is always destructive at best.

“gHanaphe-bio” and its outlay, invariably, respond well and timely when an exertion principled on “stimulating” the bulb and mastery—including the mantle of the hair follicle is adopted: It enhances its (gHanaphe-bio) ability to amass more enclave and territory: gEnicidal-lasidex Syndrome may result.

The DATA below is another principled-pattern of Tematitis “D” *Sufferer's treatment did not involve Laser use. Applied interventional protocol was AidooAid® Hair Follicle Re-Activation System (HFRS)


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