Aidoo Group of Companies is made up of the following:
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Dr. Frank Aidoo, PhD., Chief Scientist and Pioneer, Founder and Chairman.

Organizational and Structural Makeup

•Intellectual Property Ownership

Aidoo Enzyme and Alkaloid Research is the entity within the Aidoo Group that manages and maintains all the copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights; patent rights—royalties and goodwill of all of Dr. Aidoo’s work.
It oversees and protects his interest—including trade secrets; and all his discoveries within the enzyme and alkaloid platforms. (Dr. Aidoo is the discoverer of 35 Newly-Formatted Enzymes; and 12 Virgin Alkaloids of importance within the pharmaceutical and medicinal fields).

Aidoo Enzyme and Alkaloid Research is the keeper of the intellectual principles and tools; including the newly empirical attributions—the style(s) and gEnecidal fundamentals and composites on which the newly-recorded research are mounted—be in the arena of Alopecia, Cancer and Diabetes; including other idiopathic “effeduals.” *All the newlydiametrical concepts and evaluates—including formularies are held under this division.

Manufacturing wing of Aidoo Group

AidooAid Bio-Emphasis manufactures all of Aidoo Group’s brands; and Peter Guerriero is the Chief Operation Office.

Exclusive Distributor

Aidoo International Research and Marketing is the Exclusive Marketing entity within the Aidoo Group; and it handles all International distributorship appointments; including pharmacies and supermarkets across the world: Dennis Pierce is the Vice-President.


North America Distributor

AidooAidGlobal is the North America’s marketing wing of Aidoo Group; and it has been organized to distribute the AidooAid Breakthrough Products in United States and Canada: Dr. Aidoo has appointed Hank Meyer as the Chief Marketing Officer.

*AidooAidGlobal will offer opportunities to qualified firms, doctors and professionals within the wellness industry to handle the AidooAid products. Affiliate programs to help individuals wishing to benefit from Dr. Aidoo’s work will also be created—including retail distributorships and Direct Marketing opportunities—all within the United States and Canada.


Aidoo International (Trinidad and Tobago) Ltd., Caribbean and South America Markets

Aidoo International (T/T) Ltd is the Aidoo Group's wing organized to handle the Caribbean and South American markets; and its headed by Mr. Ken Hunte, Vice President and General Director.

Aidoo International (Ghana) Ltd., Sub-Saharan African Markets

Aidoo International (Ghana) Ltd: As a hub to the Sub-Saharan African markets, Ghana, a progressively-viable country in West Africa has been chosen, organized and established to distribute the AidooAid Breakthroughs of Products in the region. Mr. Enoch Baah heads the operation as Regional Director.

Professor Aidoo's Human Consensus and Inter Mutual Harmony Panel.

Professor Aidoo's Human Consensus and Inter Mutual Harmony Panel: This is an organized group—by invitation only which Dr. Aidoo has established and brought together 12 physicians and scientists in different disciplines to explore and utilize some of his discoveries within the realm of enzyme and alkaloid platforms: It's made up of prominent individuals in science and medicine from major institutions and settings. A close group, it is lead by Professor Aidoo; and it’s expected—just as the breakthroughs for the Alopecia/Baldness and Hair Loss Programs, that, breakthroughs in cancer and diabetes will be announced in the near future…including some idiopathic diseases—all instrumented on the style and expertise established by the professor. ***Again, all Children across the world will be treated for free under the AidooAid Children Foundation.

Foundation and Philanthropy

AidooAid Free Treatment for Children with Alopecia is a Foundation organized by Dr. Aidoo to help children suffering from Alopecia across the world for free. Doctors from all nations are being recruited to diagnose these children and sign them under the program. The Website is Dr. Aidoo has appointed Dr. Angel DeMola, MD., as the Chief Medical and Clinical Director of the Foundation; Dr. DeMola will lead all our medical doctors under the program.




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