AidooAid® is not a drug; it’s a non-drug topical and requires no prescription:

its superior to the TWO DRUGS (Rogaine/Minoxidil and Propecia/Finasteride) backed and approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

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Within all the physical afflictions that befall human, Alopecia (Baldness and hair loss) is among the obvious! It is also the easiest to notice if a product used for intervention or treatment is effective or not. In other words: the efficacy of a productbeing drug or non-drug is easily appraisedeven by a layperson; because it is that easy to judge for yourself if a product really works!

With the above being the case, we at AidooAid have resulted to the use of a tool that has a universal acclaim...and it's so basic for human understanding. This tool, which has been collected to substantiate the efficacy of our product is PICTORIAL DATA: There is no product on the market, or anywhere in the worldnot even within the arsenal of “drugs” prescribed by doctors are effective or comparable to AidooAid; and this includes the two drugs (Rogaine and Propecia) approved by the FDA for hair loss... ***Compared to AidooAid, they are obsolete!

We welcome you to be the judge!

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