AidooAid® is not a drug; it’s a non-drug topical and requires no prescription.

AidooAid® The Breakthrough Hair Follicle "Re-Activation" Program is a Breakthrough for all humankind—irrespective of race, ethnicity or gender! Unlike Rogaine and Propecia which were clinically tried on those of Caucasian descent, AidooAid is designed for all races; and its clinical trial(s) was undertaken to include people of all persuasions and race. Its outcome on the merit of efficacy has proven its superiority over any product in the field of alopecia—making the products above obsolete. AidooAid is the only product with the ability to neutralize the cause of Alopecia/hair loss known as gHanaphe-bio, while allowing the body’s own chemistry to concur—by natural-elective process—without any drug—energize the "follicles" to produce/grow hair again!

Meaning of “Re-Activate” in Alopecia and Hair Loss Descriptive Fields

Dr. Aidoo was the first scientist to use the word “re-activate” to describe the “re-grow” of human hair from dormancy: For, before his discovery, the word was redundant in a descriptive manner as it relates to hair growth; he coined it to describe his breakthrough; and there is still no product—being drug or non-drug capable of such achievement other than AidooAid®. The use by some researchers in the field of hair loss rests on plagiarism: all such uses by individuals in the field must be seen as dishonesty and opportunistic where they have failed to credit him as the source.

Merit of Superiority

*None of the world's Top Research Institutions—including Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Oxford have been able to achieve the milestone achieved by Dr. Aidoo—a worthy and important accomplishment deserving human celebration; nor has any of the giants within the Pharmaceutical Entity—including the TOP TEN: None has achieved any merited-results in the field comparable to AidooAid®: Correspondence between Dr. Aidoo and two of the TOP companies within the Pharmaceutical Industry (Pfizer and Merck) took place in March and June 2001, respectively...since their products (Rogaine and Propecia), though drugs, were/are scientifically and fundamentally—by evidence merged in data, inferior to AidooAid®. *Dr. Aidoo had wanted to offer them leadership within the field through (IP) Intellectual Property Transfer. Over 85 Million sufferers of Hair loss, Baldness (Alopecia) are in United States alone—a “Billion” plus people globally are in need of an efficacious-non-drug TOPICAL such as AidooAid®: And such being the case, AidooAid has rendered Rogaine and Propecia obsolete!

Conjectual "Hair Loss" Research:

Unlike the Research being undertaken by the institutions and pharmaceutical entities enumerated above, whose "exploits" in research are based on "Stem Cell," AidooAid® has already achieved what their research is focused on...their research is levied on the theory to "stop" hair loss or, for the "better," to manipulate stem cell adjuncts to be used for "surgical hair transplantation" on those with Oxtiditronomidex Syndrome: …A “forfeited” quest on their part; and a belated odyssey of sort—a paradigm of scientific debacle vested in unproven methodology…it’s a spin-off levied in repetitious commendation.

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The above data of an Oxtiditronomidex Syndrome sufferer shows a profound anterior/frontal growth within 2.5 Months use of AidooAid® *The Hair Follicle Re-Activation System: He had used Rogaine (Minoxidil) for over 4 years without any success. AidooAid® has "re-activated" the "anterior" suppression marked within the gHanaphe-bio's dictation.

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Treatment Protocol

There are TEN different formulas designed under the AidooAid® program. Due to the phases and concurrency inherent within the gHanaphe-bio’s dictation, as expressed on/under each of the Alopecia formats, the protocols are each designed and formulated to neutralized under a different accentuation; hence, their uses/applications expressed to be systematic: Below is a chart designed to help sufferers identify the correct topical for their conditions.

• For the Treatment of Male and Female Pattern Baldness/Hair Loss

1. Treatment Protocol for Hair Loss: AidooAid® PreFix-zadol™
2. Treatment Protocol for Excessive Hair Loss: AidooAid® Hair Loss COMBATOR
3. Treatment Protocol for Male & Female Pattern Baldness: AidooAid® Hair Follicle Re-Activation System
4. Final Phase--AFTER HAIR HAS GROWN BACK! AidooAid® MaintyDex System

For the Treatment of Alopecia Arieta, Totalis and Universalis

5. Treatment Protocol for Arieta: AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM™
6. Treatment Protocol for Totalis: AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM2™
7. Treatment Protocol for Universalis: AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QMC™
8. Treatment Protocol for Eye Brow Alopecia: AidooAid® IntraVentum™

For the Treatment of Alopecia Arieta, Totalis and Universalis in Children

AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM/CS Series Topical(s) *Childrens Version

For 1. Alopecia Arieta in children
2. Alopecia Totalis in children
3. Alopecia Universalis in children
4. “Hair Loss” in Children as a result of chemotherapy
5. “Hair Loss” in Children as a result of “Cancer” treatment.

A "Breakthrough" interventional topical to eradicate what is commonly known as


AidooAid® gEneridom-QM Topical(s) Designed to eradicate Baldness! It defers "so-called" HEREDITARY BALDNESS indefinitely.

AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM/CS corrects the cause of “hair loss” known as gHanaphe-bio; and as a topical—it does not GROW hair but allows the natural chemistry of the individual to elicit hair “growth,” naturally: where the follicles have been damaged, destroyed or negatively altered by systemic-externally-injected or ingested interventional tool—follicle(s) positive re-activity may not result! …Normal functioning of sequential/progressive marking (phases) of Anagen, Catagen and Telogen will amiss.

Aborted consequence: Implies “negative” effect on hair follicle (Chemotherapy and Radiation; plus any ingested or injected interventional treatments)

Un-aborted consequence: Implies "non-distorted" effect on hair follicle (Chemotherapy and Radiation; plus any ingested or injected interventional treatments) *From Dr. Aidoo’s Certified Page of Knowledge.

Meaning of Alopecia and its Description: Alopecia is the name used to describe the loss of hair from the head or body; and can be in three different forms. Arieta: This is where a sufferer looses hair in patches; Totalis: This term is used to describe where the individual has lost his or her hair on the head; and Universalis describes a sufferer who has lost all his/her head and body hair; and it affects millions of adults and children in United States alone.

As a scientist, Dr. Aidoo’s work which is structured under empirical assertion, makes him the foremost authority in the field of alopecia and, having achieved the amazing results his work has become a platform for others researching in the field of alopecia: AidooAid covers all forms of alopecia, and his discovery has led to a format which explains the cause(s) and etiology behind this debilitating malady which has eluded man from time immemorial. Trained within the western format, a new theme of track has been achieved—where the conventional narrative alone does not suffice.

--For human progress in science as forwarded by his work, Dr. Aidoo has established a body/platform known as "The Human Consensus and Inter Mutual Harmony Panel." This is an organized group—by invitation only which he has established and brought together 12 physicians and scientists in different disciplines to explore and utilize some of his discoveries within the realm of enzyme and alkaloid platforms: It's made up of prominent individuals in science and medicine from major institutions and settings. A close group, it is lead by Professor Aidoo; and it’s expected—just as the breakthroughs for the Alopecia/Baldness and Hair Loss Programs, that, breakthroughs in cancer and diabetes will be announced in the near future…including some idiopathic diseases—all instrumented on the style and expertise established by the professor. ***Again, all Children across the world will be treated for free under the AidooAid Children Foundation.

*User must re-grow His or Her hair back before using the AidooAid® MaintyDex  System


Descriptive-Assay of Protocol

1] AidooAid® PreFix-zadol™ * This system is for those who are in the initial stages of hair loss; and it's designed to halt hair loss before baldness become apparent.

8 Fl oz PreFix-zadol Shampoo
8 Fl oz PreFix-zadol Conditioner

2] AidooAid® Hair Loss COMBATOR *This system is for those suffering from excessive hair loss. It's the phase of hair loss before Male or Female Pattern Baldness (Colloquial description) becomes evident. Learn about Oxtiditronomidex Syndrome, Bron-etitis, Lint-lasidex Syndrome, Tematitis A & D, and gEnecidal-lasidex Syndrome at:

8 Fl oz Combator Stabilizing Shampoo
8 Fl oz Combator Stabilizing Conditioner
4 oz Combator Follicle-Stabilizer

3] AidooAid® Hair Follicle Re-Activation System *It is formulated to re-activate the “Dormant Hair Follicles” to grow hair again! —And it's for those hair loss sufferers who have already developed “a see-through” scalp or those with receding hair line/anterior; including hair loss at the top of the head/vertex; and the sides… AidooAid HFRS neutralizes the cause of hair loss known as gHanaphe-bio, while allowing the body chemistry of the individual to grow hair again, naturally! AidooAid itself does not GROW HAIR AS A TOPICAL...

4 Fl oz HFRS Re-Activation Shampoo
4 Fl oz HFRS Re-Activation Conditioner
2 oz HFRS Follicle Re-Activator

4] AidooAid® MaintyDex  System™ *It is the system used after the hair follicle has been redressed back into its natural state; and its used to maintain the avidity of the hair follicle from reverting backpre/before gHanaphe-bio neutrali'zation.

12 Fl oz MaintyDex Shampoo
12 Fl oz MaintyDex Conditioner

Treatment Protocol for *Diagnosed Alopecia Sufferer:

5] AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM™ *The AloPlexidex Systems are designed specifically for Alopecia sufferers. The "QM" protocol is for the treatment of Alopecia Arieta. Like all hair loss and baldness redressing, it NEUTRALIZES the cause of Alopecia—the gHanaphe-bio. These products DO NOT GROW HAIR AS TOPICALS but, correct the abnormality while normalizing the sufferer's chemistry back into its natural state.

4 Fl oz AloPlexidex-QM Re-Activation Shampoo
4 Fl oz AloPlexidex-QM Re-Activation Conditioner
2 oz AloPlexidex-QM Follicle Re-Activator

6] AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM2™ *The AloPlexidex-QM2 System is formulated specifically for Alopecia Totalis Sufferer.

4 Fl oz AloPlexidex-QM2 Re-Activation Shampoo
4 Fl oz AloPlexidex-QM2 Re-Activation Conditioner
2 oz AloPlexidex-QM2 Follicle Re-Activator

7] AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QMC™ *The AloPlexidex-QMC System is designed with an emphasis on the radicalism of the gHanaphe-bio's mastery, as evident within the define of universalis—including the dimensional-hold of the sufferer's universalis condition.

4 Fl oz AloPlexidex-QMC Re-Activation Shampoo
4 Fl oz AloPlexidex-QMC Re-Activation Conditioner
2 oz AloPlexidex-QMC Follicle Re-Activator

8] AidooAid® IntraVentum™ The IntraVentum protocol deals with facial alopecia. Facial alopecia is specific, and its rotational premise within the format of anagen, catagen and telogen is naturally stabilized to express longer in the anagenic sphere... It requires a suspended topical that has to engage at all levels.

2 oz IntraVentum Follicle Re-Activator

Treatment Protocol for *Children Diagnosed with Alopecia Arieta, Totalis or Universalis; including those who suffer from alopecia/hair loss as a result of chemotherapy for cancer treatments.

9] AidooAid® AloPlexidex-QM/CS™ The AloPlexidex-QM/CS is designed for children who suffer from hair loss due to treatments relating to Cancer; its redressing is factored to neutralize existing "living-dormant" hair follicles not destroyed by the "treatment protocols" used to engage the Cancer. This formula is designed under a different-conjunctional-neutralizing principle. All hair loss is as a result of gHanaphe-bio's excesses and dominance. EACH PROTOCOL IS, THEREFORE, DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE TYPE OF ALOPECIA IN QUESTION.

4 Fl oz AloPlexidex-QM/CS Re-Activation Shampoo
4 Fl oz AloPlexidex-QM/CS Re-Activation Conditioner
2 oz AloPlexidex-QM/CS Follicle Re-Activator

Above Pattern *Oxtiditronomidex Syndrome (Terminology coined/named by Dr. Aidoo)

Treatment Protocol for those susceptible to *HEREDITARY BALDNESS:

10] AidooAid® gEneridom-QM™ •The gEneridom-QM protocol is designed to naturally correct what is commonly known as "Hereditary Baldness," which affect both males and females; and becomes evident with conspicuous pattern in those susceptible in their teens: As an interventional topical, it’s designed to preempt what historical data affirm might happen; and as such its redressing is merited to create a non-permissible act of baldness by not affording the exploits of gHanaphe-bio: All hair loss is as a result of gHanaphe-bio's excesses and dominance; but, “hereditary baldness" adapts differently and requires a different principle in its formulary. The principle engaged in its formulary is designed to be cumulatively responsive, in that, it defends the follicle(s) from succumbing to the gHanaphe-bio: WHERE THE FOLLICLES HAVE BEEN DESTROYED BY BURNS, CUTS OR OTHER FACTORS before its use, hereditary factors entrenched may not respond to the neutralizing enactment in the topical.

12 Fl oz gEneridom-QM Re-Activation Shampoo
12 Fl oz gEneridom-QM Re-Activation Conditioner
4 oz gEneridom-QM Follicle Stabilizer

AidooAid® gEneridom-QM™ is an interventional “tool” to defer baldness; and it’s designed to obliterate gHanaphe-bio’s precursory-marking before the onset of its emergence and dominance: A scientific breakthrough topical to naturally interrupt baldness on all races, gender and ethnicity, it maintains and perpetuates anagenic resolve: pro-genetic-cells adapt to positive-progressive allotment in past activity of the particular cell(s) in conductivity; hence, engaging proactively—by replicating the “growth” of the progenitor cells; and it creates continuity of hair growth pattern while permitting cataginic appraise and response. Bald pattern/genetic hair loss “inheritor” crosses the pathway of aversion with the use of gEneridom-QM Program from baldness, indefinitely.

The avenging of the systemic imposition of gHanaphe-bio’s enclave, is established in the order of natural-elective process of the individual’s body chemistry; and, correction of all markings of its effidual that would have resulted in “baldness,” argumented and established under a positive define—uninterrupted by assay of naturally-programmed course of hair growth. Hair follicles are avid converters within the multiplicity of cells, and as such—easily comply when gHanaphe-bio is neutralized and debased: they can then be "encouraged" by the composition and efforts designed within the AidooAid topical’s promise to become bio-productive, indefinitely; while assuming the sequential hair-growing pattern.

With the use of the AidooAid® gEneridom-QM program, all imposition and transitional influences cordoned in Male and Female Pattern Baldness (MFPB) are arrested and averted: gHanaphe-bio’s mantle is defused, deferred and rendered non-factor.

Where the hair follicles have been damaged, exploited or overridden “exogenically” by any means—being mechanically by external imposition, or obscure with defensive-destructive element—as expressed within the subcutaneous arranging, normality of growth may not occur: The gEneridom Program does not “grow” hair as a topical—it corrects the abnormality associated with baldness which is apparent in the lay-definition known as “Hereditary Baldness,” …pre-destine/inherited marker of baldness. The underlining leverage associated with baldness is the target.

Again, all hair loss and Alopecia are caused by gHanaphe-bio's dictation and suppression; and it’s enacted to constrain the hair follicles’ access to the sebaceous glands secretion known as sebum.

* User must begin using gEneridom-QM program before the onset of baldness. Typically, those susceptible to “Hereditary Baldness” recognize the encroachment of gHanaphe-bio in their late teens. Hereditary baldness is apparent when both paternal and maternal sides of parents have shown that define; and that the generation before suffered from pattern baldness or any of the formats described under our terminology section such as Tematitis A & D, Oxtiditronomidex Syndrome, Bron-etitis, Lint-lasidex Syndrome and gEnecidal-lasidex Syndrome.

AidooAid® gEneridom-QM Topical(s) is designed to eradicate Baldness! It defers "so-called" HERIDITARY BALDNESS indefinitely.

*Doctors may use one of the descriptive-terminologies enumerated below to identify the type of alopecia by association; and apply the proper/correct protocol for their patient. For more information visit our Product and Research forum at

1] gHanaphe-bio *(Cause of Alopecia, Baldness and Hair loss)
2] Tematitis A & D
3] Oxtiditronomidex Syndrome
4] Bron-etitis
5] Lint-lasidex Syndrome
6] gEnecidal-lasidex Syndrome

Q: What is AidooAid® Hair Loss Program?

A: AidooAid Hair Loss Program is made up of TEN Alopecia/Hair Loss and Baldness Topical Systems. A breakthrough topical products, they are designed to address the causes/etiology of alopecia, while at the same time providing answers to all its different forms.

Q: How was AidooAid® Hair Loss Program Developed?

A: AidooAid Hair Loss Program was developed by Dr. Frank Aidoo. Ph.D., an Enzyme and Alkaloid Research Scientist; and was part of a 20 year research to identify new and better catalyzing methods with the use of natural/organic compounds. Through his work, Dr. Aidoo has unraveled and discovered 35 Newly Formatted Enzymes and 12 Virgin Alkaloids of importance with the ability to redress many ailments, including Alopecia. As a pioneer and innovator, he believed using the same old historical data and information which had led to the stalemate within the scientific community as it relates to hair loss and baldnessincluding alopecia, that, to unravel any idiopathic reign, he would have to opt out from such theory and embark on a WHOLE-NEW approach unknown within the scientific community: Isolated and working alone in circumscription, his approach has led to a new platform in scientific reasoning; and with such knowledge, the requisite-etiology to unravel some idiopathic diseasesbecoming the foremost authority in many areasbeing alopecia; and some forms of cancer, diabetes and sickle cell abnormality: All of Dr. Aidoo’s work are based on addressing the root-causes of the malady in question; and are accented on "neutralizing" cell imbalance…with NATURAL-COMPOSITE as the pre-eminent tool to normalize and correct a condition: With pioneering vision and innovative zeal, Dr. Aidoo has principled a standard in scientific research; SELF-TAUGHT in this NEW-FUNDAMENTAL approach, his knowledge is meant to help all mankind irrespective of race, ethnicity or gender!

Q: Is AidooAid® a drug like Rogaine and Propecia?

A: No. AidooAid is not a drug. AidooAid is an organically/natural-based program and is not composed of any drug! When a drug is used as an interventional tool, it must be used for an indefinite period of timeit's more like a "monolithic-patch" in many aspects; and it always, invariably, leave toxins in the individuals' body/system...leading to what is known as "side-effect." AidooAid, however, does not have such negative outcome since it's NATURALLY BASED: IT NEUTRALIZES THE CAUSE OF HAIR LOSS, gHanaphe-bio, by redressing the root causes.

Q: Does AidooAid® possess "subsequential-toxins" that could lead to side effects like the 2 drugs above?

A: No. AidooAid does not have any side effects like the 2 drugs above. The above drugs have side effects due to their chemical makeup; and they are not as a result of a "targeted scientific research!" They both were serendipitously discovered; whereas AidooAid Hair Loss Program was developed with a definite target of ascertaining the cause of hair loss…and how to redress it. In other words, AidooAid was conducted empirically! Hence, it’s ability to “re-activate” the dormant hair follicles to grow hair again! (Rogaine was developed for the treatment of hypertension. And Merck’s Proscar, a pill, was developed for the treatment of an abnormality associated with the male prostate; and as such the side effects evident in their uses are identical to those suffered by those who use them for the ailments and diseases listed above.)

Q: Does AidooAid® Program work like the 2 drugs on the market dealing with hair loss?

A: No. AidooAid Program does not work like the 2 drugs. The 2 drugs stimulate hair growth without addressing the cause, while AidooAid naturally-aid in correcting the cause of hair loss known as gHanaphe-bio; an unnatural membrane that utilizes the sebum (a natural oil secreted by the sebaceous glands). Under normal state of well being, the sebum is channeled and empties into the hair follicles to promote hair growth: but, with the emergences of the gHanape-bio, the follicles starve—unable to grow hair naturally; hence, the state of dormancy!

*The AidooAid Program neutralizes the gHanape-bio so that the "dormant" hair follicles would have access to the sebum—re-vitalized to grow hair again as nature intended.

Q: Does AidooAid have to be approved by FDA?

A: No. AidooAid® is not a drug and as such does not need the approval of FDA. AidooAid is marketed with data, including pictorial showing its efficacy on users: It is the only product to prove with scientific data showing hair loss sufferers’ growing/have grown hair on their heads where there were none prior! AidooAid is not claiming anything other than what the data affirmsTHE TRUTH! (FDA has not refuted AidooAid® ability; and as an agency has all the data/pictures of efficacy and more…). IT IS THE ONLY PRODUCT, BEING DRUG OR OTHERWISEIN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND WITH THE ABILITY TO "RE-ACTIVATE" THE "DORMANT" HAIR FOLLICLES OF AN ALOPECIA SUFFERER BALD PERSON (Arieta, Totalis and Universalis) TO BECOME VIABLE AND PRODUCTIVE.

Q: How long do I have to use the program before seeing results?

A: Normally, within 2 weeks of use, the hair loss should cease. Those who have a “see through” scalp can begin to see results—new hair growth within the first 2 to 3 months. (Each case is different and some may take longer than others to see results). AidooAid works only in cases where there is no damage to the hair follicles. Where the hair follicles have been damaged due to scars, burns, or other factors which may have caused the scalp to be damaged, AidooAid may not grow hair. *Because it takes months and even years to develop a “see through” scalp, length of time used becomes a factor when using AidooAid. *User is advised to take this into account.

1. Bald for 5 years result: gHanaphe-bio neutralized in 6 weeks
2. Bald for 15 years result: gHanaphe-bio neutralized in 7 weeks
3. Bald for 30 years result: gHanaphe-bio neutralized in 7 weeks
4. Bald for 60 years + result: gHanaphe-bio neutralized in 2 months
5. Alopecia Arieta result: gHanaphe-bio neutralized in 7 weeks
6. Alopecia Totalis result: gHanaphe-bio neutralized in 2 months
7. Alopecia Universalis result: gHanaphe-bio neutralized in 2 Months

***Hair growth becomes apparent once the gHanaphe-bio is neutralized and debased.

H. Hereditary Baldness result: gHanaphe-bio is neutralized in 7 provincial/factorial days. (Factorial day denotes 72 hours=3 normal days. Being that the "baldness" is deferred indefinitely, one may notice the activity of the neutralizing factors' engagement for a duration of 3 weeks from the moment of deferment. Deferment, arguable, is the moment of one’s genetic programmed occurrence of the “hereditary” pronouncement, had there not been the preemptor factor concurring to defuse gHanaphe-bio’s entry.

Q: Does AidooAid® work on all hair types?

A: Yes, AidooAid works on all hair types, including race, ethnicity and gender. Unlike Rogaine’s minoxidil which was CLINICALLY TRIEDsolely on male of Caucasian define, AidooAid has been clinically tried on people of all the pictorial data on our website shows. Again, AidooAid does not cajole or stimulate hair growth like the drug-based products but rather, neutralizes the cause of hair loss—allowing natural hair growth to become possible.

Q: Do I have to stay on AidooAid® indefinitely like Rogaine and Propecia?

A: No. You don’t have to use AidooAid indefinitely: Once you have achieved the results you are content with, you may cease or minimize its use. We recommend that those who have “RE-GROWN” their hair back use AidooAid: The MaintyDex System to maintain their hair growth. (This is designed to maintain a natural hair growth pattern post the neutralization of the gHanape-bio). *This recommendation is made so as to eliminate the possibility of a user returning to a product that could have been the cause of the hair loss in the first place. *A user does not have to use MaintyDex System once he/she grows their hair back; but, there is the prevailing where the use of other hair preparations post hair growth could result in the re-emergence of hair loss.

Q: Can I use AidooAid® with other hair loss products?

A: No. You may not use any of the AidooAid Systems with any other product for hair loss; AidooAid is designed to be self sufficient in redressing the cause of hair loss. AidooAid maintains a proprietary formula—with a new style of conduction: totally antithesis to the conventional principles evident in the makeup of the 2 drugs. This prevailing has rendered obsolete the use of drugs to halt or redress hair loss. With this in mind, AidooAid users are advised not to synergistically apply any of its systems with other products for hair loss. *Before beginning any of the AidooAid systems, all hair loss products in use must be suspended, since AidooAid is formulated to work systematically.

Q: Why does AidooAid® not use written testimonials of its users like other products?

A: We do not use written testimonials because we believe AidooAid speaks for itself without "so-called 'written testimonials'" which could be written by anyone, including others who may not have used a product they write testimonials about. We believe the old adage suffices: A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS!

Q: Finally, what makes AidooAid® superior?

A: All AidooAid formulas/products have met and far exceed what is classified as a breakthrough! ...And it's superior to the other products within this field by its ability to redress the cause of hair loss. *Whereas Rogaine may grow hair on the top of the head/vertexwhere there is no “baldness or see-through” scalp, the Manufacturer states it's not intended for frontal/anterior baldness or receding hairline. ...As evident by preponderance; and affirmed with diverse-pictorial data of all races, *there is no product to date with efficacy data comparable to AidooAid. WHAT HAS BEEN STATED AS IMPOSSIBLE WITHIN THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY IS POSSIBLE WITH AidooAid. For the first time in Human History, Alopecia sufferersbeing Arieta, Totalis and Universalis HAVE GROWN THEIR OWN HAIR BACK. And the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knows about the efficacy of AidooAid... A non-drug topical, it has no side effects; and it's good for all MANKIND.


Because of the sensitivity inherent within the issue of hair loss, we pioneered advertisement where actual Before and After Pictures were used. No other product within the field of hair loss has been able to support its product with data where hair has been proven to grow where there was none—especially in cases where baldness was apparent!

Our data has irrefutably demonstrated the efficacy and uniqueness of AidooAid, MAKING IT SUPERIOR TO ALL THE PRODUCTS IN THIS FIELD! AidooAid has been proven to re-activate the dormant hair follicles to grow hair again!

Clinical Study of Efficacy:

Clinical Study, including evidential data in the form of before and after documentation of users of AidooAid Hair Loss Program have shown that the AidooAid Systems are superior to any product for hair loss.

--Being a non-drug topical—with a base of enzymes and alkaloids compounded to catalyze in unison to neutralize the cause of hair loss: gHanaphe-bio, the AidooAid Hair Loss Program does not inhibit other bio-logical functioning, but targets only the gHanape-bio. (An unnatural membrane composing of retarded/misused sebum—fundamentally earmarked for the hair follicles, and systematically channeled and transformed to inhibit hair growth). ***The research/discovery and development of AidooAid Hair Loss Program is one of the new scientific styles emerging outside the conventional line of medicinal/pharmaceutical discoveries. Centered within this platform, is the ability to redress an abnormality—Alopecia (Hair loss and Baldness) without altering or changing endergonically, the fundamental of cell functioning.

This new styles, an able and formidable tool within science, is also the source of this advanced-generation of “non-drug/natural class of engagers;” and will someday be the course of action employed in redressing many of the diseases afflicting man.

*Other natural components within the arsenal of 35 Newly Formatted Enzymes, and 12 Virgin Alkaloids discovered by Dr. Aidoo contains important bases of non-distorting-virtues—with promise in many areas in man’s war against idiopathic diseases.

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