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AidooAid: The answer to Tematitis "D"

The pictorial data above represents the worse results after years of using hair Relaxer. Relaxer, also referred to as perm is formulated with the use of caustic chemicals—usually Sodium Hydroxide, or Calcium Hydroxide, with Guanidine Carbonate as its active propeller. It could also be Ammonium Hydroxide. These chemicals when used have the ability to “re-shape” the cuticle bonds that are in the hair fiber. Over time, due to the caustic nature of the chemicals, the hair follicles result to abuse; hence, the destruction of its ability to process the sebum: a naturally produced substance earmarked for hair growth. Tematitis “D” is the result of such abuse. In the case of females who are of African descent, it could lead to alopecia [Baldness]. In the above case she lost the hair on the sides of her head, as well as the top. [Vertex]. AidooAid Hair Follicle Re-Activation System has the ability to neutralize the cause of hair loss and baldness, allowing the sebaceous glands secretion of sebum to reach the hair follicle unimpeded. AidooAid does not grow hair; it neutralizes the cause of hair loss, while allowing the normalization of the hair follicles to grow back naturally. Where the “hair follicle” have been damaged or destroyed, the hair follicles may not grow back. It is important, therefore, to monitor the use of relaxer/perm. And where hair loss is evident, the use of AidooAid becomes the best of options.

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