Stem Cell “fabrication” and its principium to “grow” human hair—as a provisional tool:

…Under such context and mount exists a negative—non-amicable-citation within genetic provisional-geniuses and genesis: For, while using such results to “re-plant” (harvested hair) on a different location of the individual provider’s head—though, such rests in biological mimicry—it’s also a scientific amiss: As the foremost authority in the field of Alopecia and Hair Loss as evident in my work, (my) appraised-etiology within such function as it relates to hair-follicular avidity, dictates that such principle only lead the general public on a “never-ending” ploy of deception; an expediency lodged in conjecture.

Cyclical and Foundational Appraise

My research has proven that, the hair is integrated to respond through its cycle of growth in a natural and promising fashion—and, only at the point where the follicle is programmed to embark on its premise of cyclical and foundational appraise does it welcome and expound markedly on receptive fluency: In other words, transplanted hair, from the very onset is not a replicable match to a progenitor cell’s con-tour of the local-receptor-platform—the depository mount: Typically, such conjugation would not be “embraced” where the new hair is/or deemed to be “planted/re-planted.”

Inadvertent-cauterization by incisional Act

The natural act of follicular growth is “linked” by dependency cells which are attuned and programmed in a cohesive fluency; and as such—only respond on such marker and appraise: there is never any co-mingling of “artificial” arranging; such efforts could also lead to inadvertent-cauterization by the incisional acts of the site—the local region where the “re-plantation” is administered. Also, different regions of the head produce, markedly—a placidly-specific hair by integrity: “the anterior hair is different by natural composition to the vertex outlay.” Also—the fiber—the prodigy of the hairs’ cuticle bonding and interpretation will be sub-standard to the depository mount, with aggregated-difference of growing mantle and pattern—so expressed in a normal cycle of growth.

Cyclical-growing pattern of Anagen, Catagen and Telogen

—A “replanted” hair—by an act of transplantation is never supported wholly by natural provision evident in the human body to the full. And as such, can only mimic poorly the hairs’ cyclical-growing pattern of Anagen, Catagen and Telogen: It, however, cannot be sustained by the natural CHEMICAL FACILITATION normally availed within the dormant period; and it cannot be calibrated with integrity, either—and such include the calculation of the gEnexidal factors entrenched within the melanin-ic profile. The “transplanted” hairs’ natural composition will be deduced; and its programmed-interface in the donor area will also be affected by default. It will also take an “accelerated” cycle and pattern of growth; and will be drawn under the auspices’ of the gHanaphe-bio and its enclave once re-planted.

The keratinous responders of the hair fiber

…Though, plausible in the ear of a novice, it’s a scientific abridge! The keratinous responders of the hair fiber will incite negatively in conduction; and as such—will always fall short in its growth pattern: The arrangement within the subcutaneous tissue is statically programmed, naturally; and does not adapt to new intros in its local: Where there has been a confer-ration, such becomes a temporal mono-patch—a temporal mimicry of sort.

The noble "concept" associated with “stem cell” fabrication to necessitate hair growth—an infatuation brought forth by some “hair loss” researchers in institutions and universities of "higher learning/calling," to “re-plant” gEnecidal traits of hair—post “re-growing” its mastery outside the regional base of the hair’s parasitic domain (manipulating its integrity and cultured outside on a substrate)…on a premise to “sprout” and be used to “re-plant” on those with Oxtiditronomidex Syndrome (bald pate region), is a scientific abridge; and it bears no datum in clear-sighted scholarship: It’s a whimsical dictate in science; a non-viable academic ploy unfounded in a plausible merit.

--Surgical Hair Transplantation as a principle and option is only a temporal remedy; and the intro of “stem cell” as the provisional source only exacerbates a debacle unfounded in merited-scientific scholarship...

Stem Cell Therapy is an important achievement in science; but, in the area of Alopecia, the biological-warranty in its mark could only be assessed to be in the region of pluralistic foray; in that, hair growth would not concur at a defined-local site: it would parade in a spontaneous-emblematic overture; and will not achieve the pattern and indexation—naturally semblance in the local lacking the appeasement in follicular appraise—hair. "Dormant Hair Follicles" capable of being “re-activated” by AidooAid® Protocol-ary elective will be destroyed in such act: …Nurturing such “plantation” would be a shadowy-participle, and would lack furtherance-appendix in the cyclical growth and verses.

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